Junior Tournament Schedule and Info

Please see note at bottom about Juniors and what prizes they may receive:

Beach Tournaments: Boys & Girls schedule is listed on the AVP America site. Click on East End Volleyball; to see a list of all EEVB Tournaments and divisions offered. Juniors always play on Sunday

Schedule for EEVB events and all other AVP America promoters is available at; you can sort by division, region, organization to show events offering girls or boys divisions in your area.


  • Beach Tournament Details: 2 players per team, entry fee
    includes a tournament t-shirt for each player
  • Divisions: Boys & Girls
  • Divisions: Junior Age Requirements
    • 18 & Under:
    • 16 & Under
    • 14 & Under
    • 12 & Under
  • Times: check in 9 am Sunday, play at 10. Playoffs should be finished by 4 pm
  • Prizes: merchandise prizes supplied by sponsors, EEVB, & AVP America
  • Samples: Powdered energy drink samples supplied by 4C Iced tea – Drink Mix – Energy Stix
  • Remember to bring:
    • Wilson Volleyball
    • Sunscreen (face, body & lips) & hat
    • Chair & umbrella
    • Water & other fluids
    • Food
    • Clothing for all conditions from wind, rain or heat. Conditions can vary in the same day.
    • Sunglasses
    • Beach socks
  • Play Beach Volleyball This Summer!
SPONSORS: Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group, Lucia Pionegro @ EXIT REALTY, 4C Iced tea – Drink Mix – Energy Stix, Park & Sun Net Systems, AC Sports Commission, SportsYou, ROX Volleyball, Sand Socks, AVP America, Media Barrel, SportsYou, New Zealand Trails, Wilson Volleyballs

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