EEVB Summer Magazine
NEW FOR 2023

EEVB will be adding many events for players in the 2023 season:


  • Long Beach
  • Centereach
  • Pt. Washington
  • Hampton Bays

Weekend Tournaments starting Memorial Day Weekend

  • Doubles Players including minimum 4 tournaments for league Players Only
  • Juniors
  • 4-player teams
  • 6-player teams


It is going to be a Great Summer!


We are very pleased to announce that East End Volleyball is continuing our strategic partnership/sponsorship with the professionals at Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic, Long Island’s premier orthopedic and sports medicine provider. 

East End Volleyball players will have rapid access to the Sports Medicine Team at Orlin & Cohen. Players with pain, injury, discomfort, elbow or shoulder pain, or complaints can call and obtain a no fee screening by Sports Physical Therapists or Certified Athletic Trainers with significant education and training in the evaluation of volleyball injuries and injury prevention. Call their Exclusive EEVB Injury Hotline: 631-806-9205

For players with obvious need to see a sports orthopedic, an appointment with an Orlin & Cohen physician can be rapidly provided. Their doctors have consistently been our “go to” providers for our players, and now this incredible service is available to every East End Volleyball player.

To read more about Orlin & Cohen Orthopedics:

AVP America membership

AVP America membership remains LOWER for league players: $15/player, valid for 365 days from date of purchase. If you only play in leagues get the $15 BRONZE membership. If you plan to play any weekend tournaments (doubles or 4-player), you will need the $25 SILVER membership. Players under 18 years old need to be registered by their parent. The parent needs to set up a FREE Basic Membership and then link the child to their membership. Note that memberships cannot be upgraded later. Be sure to get the proper membership.

Get the SportsYou app for your phone

EEVB uses the sportsYou app to communicate directly with players. We request that all players and especially captains download the app and join the group for the night you play using the following codes:

Long Beach Monday: 8LD8Y28G
Long Beach Tuesday: 7CJH3T6L
Long Beach Wednesday: ENKS7MCT
Long Beach Friday: N47RPB3A

North Hempstead Tuesday: WC5DYEGG
North Hempstead Thursday: MC9H6VBM

Tiana Beach Tuesday: ESSDLQPX
Tiana Beach Wednesday: R4YYQQGY
Tiana Beach Thursday: 7UZVA5AY

Centereach Monday: STECV8ML
Centereach Tuesday: HK5QKMND
Centereach Wednesday: D5R34QPZ
Centereach Thursday: UHNJZRT8

Babylon Annex Tuesday Night: NDYQ69MB
Babylon Annex Wednesday Night: ZKRC362U
Babylon Annex Thursday Night: FCVXT36G

We use the sportsYou app to communicate directly with players:

  1. Announce schedules and standings are updated for the week
  2. Keep players informed about developing weather problems and announce rain-outs
  3. Players can let other league teams know they are running late or will be forfeiting
  4. Players can let us know there is a problem on a specific net

Communication is the key to a successfully run league. sportsYou allows us the best possible communication. Please help us by pushing all of your players to get the app on their phone.

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SPONSORS/PARTNERS: Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group, Lucia Pionegro-Miccio @ Signature Premier Properties, beachBUB Umbrella Systems, Tomahawk Shades, Westhampton Beach Brewery, 4C Iced tea – Drink Mix – Energy Stix, Park & Sun Net Systems, Better-at-Beach volleyball training, AC Sports Commission, sportsYou, Sand Socks, AVP America, Media Barrel, Wilson Volleyballs,

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