Cedar Beach Leagues

Cedar Beach 1994
Cedar Beach 2004
The way we left it after 2017

East End Volleyball took over the Cedar Beach leagues from the Town of Babylon Parks Department in the early 1990’s. The leagues at that time had a hard time filling the 2 courts at the beach. Through a lot of hard work by EEVB and with the support of the Parks Department we built the leagues into the very successful program that you have all enjoyed over the past years.

The Town awards the right to run the leagues by an open bid. The last bid was due December 14, 2017. The bid is awarded based on the following criteria:

  •  * Background and Experience: 40 pts
    •   – Background and performance on similar adventures and projects.
    •   – Personnel qualification and experience.
    •   – Organization structure, financial strength, etc.
  •   * Response to RFP: 30 pts
    •   – Quality of Proposal
    •   – Completeness of Proposal
  •  * Fees payable to Town: 30 pts


EEVB’s bid was very strong and included an increase in the amount paid to the
town by 90%. It is obvious from looking at the above criteria that the town can pick whoever they want since most of this is subjective. We were told a decision would be forwarded to us in a reasonable time frame. The last info I received from the town told me the final decision would be made at the January 31 Town Board meeting. I went to the meeting and nothing was mentioned. EEVB has been very happy with the support we have received from the Town and the Parks Department over the years. Excepting this current bidding process, we have received a lot of help from them as they have done a great job supplying recreational activities for their residents.

As many of you already know, another group is advertising that they have won the
right to run the Cedar leagues this summer. Even though we have not yet received official notice, I am resolved that the decision has been made against EEVB running the leagues. If you want to continue playing with EEVB you will need to pick another site.

Here is our plan going forward:

  •  * If you are unhappy with this bid decision feel free to send an email to the
    Town of Babylon Town Council through their web site at Contact or the Parks Dept. at Contact. If you do send a message please keep the following details in mind:
  •   – Feel free to express any disagreement/disappointment with the current
    decision. Feel free to direct the complaints to any member of the town board, the supervisor or the Parks Dept. or all of these groups.
  •   – Please try to keep remarks civil and productive. Specific comments about why you wish EEVB would continue having the contract are perfect.
    Comments about why you are upset about the group that won the bid, especially comments based on past experience with this group at other sites are also good.
  •   – Expressing that you will not play with this group but rather move to
    other EEVB sites is ok.
  •  * If you are a Town of Babylon resident, please mention that because as a
    voting concerned citizen your comments will have more weight than those
    of someone residing outside the town.
  •  * If you do play at Cedar, as we know many of you will because of its convenience to where you live and because other EEVB leagues will
    be full, please send complaints during the season when you see the
    program is not as well run as EEVB’s past program

The current bid was for 5 years with an option for renewal in 5 years. EEVB’s
goal is that the new program will not live up to the high standards set by EEVB. We expect attendance to drop off from the peak participatory levels we received and that the town will see its error and not renew at the 5 year interval. With a little luck the new group will have over extended and will have a hard time servicing all of their programs and fees owed to the Town and State and have to stop operations even sooner.


  •  * We expect that our Long Beach leagues will fill up quicker than usual this year with many teams in Nassau who can go east to Cedar or west to Long Beach now choosing Long Beach. We have added Friday nights at Long Beach. We are expanding Monday nights and will try to squeeze in as many courts as necessary to accommodate as many new teams to the LB leagues as possible
  •  * We are working with all of our bar sponsors in LB to improve the after play parties and make the LB the best league to play in on LI.
  •  * Tiana Beach/Hampton Bays has room for many additional teams
  •  * Additional Sites:
  • * Centereach Park 10 minutes north of LIE on Nicolls Rd. in a beautiful Town of Brookhaven Park
  • * North Hempstead Beach (formerly Bar Beach): great site on the north shore of LI also close for Queens teams
  • We will be adding some other smaller sites in Nassau and Suffolk. We cannot say exactly where until we have final approval and will work to let you know ASAP.

If anyone knows of any small beach that could handle beach volleyball courts, please let us know. We hope to build a series of smaller leagues leading to a large end of the seasons championship in LB.

Let us know if you know any bars that would want to have a beach court built on their property so they can be part of EEVB’s network.

Let us know if you know any sites/parks that might want to have courts added to be part of EEVB’s network, especially if you are involved/employed by a company or municipality that had always wanted to become involved in beach volleyball

We want all players to realize that we appreciate your support over the years. Our program would never have grown as large without your support. While we will miss Cedar in the next few years, with your support and expression of that support to the proper authorities, we hope that we will be back in Cedar in the future. Supporting EEVB programs going forward will be one of the best ways to help us get back into Cedar. Looking back with recrimination never got anyone anywhere. Positive thoughts and action are called for in this type of situation.

We are viewing this current situation as a challenge and will move forward to create more beach volleyball playing opportunities on LI for everyone. We know that competition only makes you better. EEVB will respond to this current set back and come out ahead in the long run because we have a great program in a great sport and we are supported by the very best beach volleyball players in the country.

Thanks again for your continued support. Please feel free to contact me with any  questions, suggestions and ideas.