East End Vertical

East End Volleyball and Dawn Patrol will continue our highest level junior program in 2023: East End Vertical.

EEVB Vertical is the top junior beach volleyball program we offer.
Players can start at a lower level program and work their way up to EEVB Vertical
EEVB offers multiple levels with the ability to move up the ladder towards EEVB Vertical:
  1. Entry level junior beach volleyball program at Long Beach
  2. Novice basic skills programs at Centereach & Tiana Beach (Hampton Bays)
  3. Intermediate level introduces players to doubles beach volleyball Monday & Wednesday at Centereach
  4. Tournament level doubles training at Long Beach & Centereach
  5. Highest level doubles training: EEVB Vertical training Mondays & Wednesdays at Long Beach

EEVB Vertical represents the upward movement of athletes from the beginner level to the top. Our goal is to teach junior athletes the skills and knowledge to take their game to that next level.

Our mission is to help each individual athlete reach their full potential, while growing their love for this lifelong sport.

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For EEVB Vertical registration and additional info is available at: (click logo for info)


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