sportsYou Codes

EEVB uses the sportsYou app to communicate directly with players. We request that all players and especially captains download the app and join the group for the night you play using the following codes:

Long Beach Monday: 8LD8Y28G
Long Beach Tuesday: 7CJH3T6L
Long Beach Wednesday: ENKS7MCT
Long Beach Friday: N47RPB3A

Long Beach Monday Juniors: 864BUSWM
Long Beach Wednesday Juniors: Y6Y8DRRG

North Hempstead Tuesday: WC5DYEGG
North Hempstead Thursday: MC9H6VBM

Tiana Beach Tuesday: ESSDLQPX
Tiana Beach Wednesday: R4YYQQGY
Tiana Beach Thursday: 7UZVA5AY

Centereach Monday: STECV8ML
Centereach Tuesday: HK5QKMND
Centereach Wednesday: D5R34QPZ
Centereach Thursday: UHNJZRT8

Babylon Annex Tuesday Night: NDYQ69MB
Babylon Annex Wednesday Night: ZKRC362U
Babylon Annex Thursday Night: FCVXT36G

We use the sportsYou app to communicate directly with players:

  1. Announce schedules and standings are updated for the week
  2. Keep players informed about developing weather problems and announce rain-outs
  3. Players can let other league teams know they are running late or will be forfeiting
  4. Players can let us know there is a problem on a specific net

Communication is the key to a successfully run league. sportsYou allows us the best possible communication. Please help us by pushing all of your players to get the app on their phone.

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