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Tuesday Coed Rec 6s,
May 28 Sept 5

Party @Buckleys

6 pm to sunset Tuesday sportsYou ESSDLQPX

T-shirt night Tuesday 6/25 at Buckley’s Inn Between, complimentary buffet, after play

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Wednesday Coed Rec 6s, 4s May 29 Aug 30

Players comes to Tues and/or Thurs parties

6 pm to sunset Wednesday sportsYou R4YYQQGY

T-shirt night Wednesday 6/28 at beach

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Thursday Coed Rec 6s May 30 Aug 31

Party @WHBB

6 pm to sunset Thursday sportsYou 7UZVA5AY

T-shirt night Thursday 6/27 at Westhampton Beach Brewery after play

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SINGLE PLAYER: Thursday Coed 6s

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Entry Fees: How to Register – East End Volleyball (, go to step #3 for fees

Looking for a team? Captain looking a single player? 
Go to the FACEBOOK Single Players Forum

Single Players Wanted: EEVB is making teams for free agents looking to play this summer at Tiana Beach. Simply sign up as a single player, pay & get on a team! We will contact you once your team is full. It’s a great way to meet people & form a team if you don’t know anyone.

EEVB Membership:

  • NEW 2024: $15 EEVB MEMBERSHIP required for all league players: We are now requiring players to obtain an EEVB membership instead of the national memberships required in the past. We are doing this to control the rising national membership costs for our players while still be able to fund liability insurances required by our host sites. Memberships will be done through, which is where captains will also construct their rosters. Complete info on this new program will be updated online over the next 2 weeks.
  • Tournament players will still need the $35 Silver AVP Membership to compete in weekend tournaments. We will credit the $15 EEVB membership fee to any league player who registers for an AVP Membership to participate in our AVP-affiliated weekend tournaments in Long Beach.

Location: Tiana Beach, 78 Dune Rd, Hampton Bays, NY 11946


  • League dates are on the standings page.
  • Coed sixes (C6s, coed with a 2:1 M:F ratio) are for novice to intermediate level players.
  • Junior Info (Juniors play on Wednesday nights).
  • Wednesday 4s are any gender from 4 males to 4 females.


  • 6 pm to sunset
  • The first 2 full teams that arrive at the net play the 1st match of the night. If 2 teams are not ready to play by 6:30, then the 2 teams listed first on the schedule will start playing even if they are shorthanded. Follow that order the rest of the night even if it is different than the clipboard schedule.


  • Awarded to top 4 teams based on final standings.


  • Teams will be assigned to a net each night and will play against the other teams assigned to that net. The final winning team each night will return the completed schedule & results to the league director. It is the responsibility of each winning team to make sure that the scores are entered properly on the schedule sheet. Last losing team each night must bring in boundary ropes.
  • To dispute a result, please have the captain only send an email to the person handling your league listed below mentioning:
    • The night you play.
    • Your division, Captain’s Name, and Team Name.
    • The question and/or issue.
    • We will then check and correct the result or bring the result sheet to the next league night to show you what was recorded. Many times we will email/text a copy of the result sheet to you. Remember we can only record results as they are marked on the sheet. You can also ask the EEVB staff member at the check in table at your league. They have the past results sheets with them and can show you the sheet to see the problem.
    • For Tiana Beach, contact Rich at

Championships: Free for all EEVB League Teams

  • Long Island Beach Volleyball Championships on Aug 31 in Long Beach (Laurelton Blvd Beach)
  • Teams with player overlap in 2 EEVB leagues or short players may combine for championships subject to EEVB approval. All teams are encouraged to attend league championship party. Do not miss this fun final day of the beach volleyball season.
  • Note about rosters and subs for the playoffs: The goal of the leagues is to foster good, honorable competition on the volleyball court with every team following the spirit of fair competition. Players/teams should strive to reach their highest level of competition in a fair sportsmanlike manner. Winning is important but it should be far from the ultimate goal. This is not the Pros and the prizes are not really worth that much. Even bragging rights, while fun, are not worth winning at all costs. Too often it seems like we have minor problems with subs and rosters at the playoffs. We could run attendance on every team every night, give every player an ID card which you need to scan every week (tough luck if you forget to bring it). Or maybe have each team send in a picture of their entire team each week just to make sure that all players have competed at least 3 times during the season before the playoffs. And if someone is not on the roster but played all season they would be disqualified from the playoffs for a bureaucratic oversight. The real goal is just to have fair and fun competition. EEVB has followed the same general approach over the years of good sportsmanship and competition and that no one tries to game the system, which is mostly what has happened over the past 38 years. We expect teams to be looking to win in a fair and honorable manner. I expect every team to submit their rosters on time. That teams will not “sneak” in a player, especially a ringer, for the playoffs. That teams with a legitimate problem such as a late season injury will contact us about adding a new player of equal or lower skill level to their roster. That all teams will follow a path of good sportsmanship as they strive to reach their best performance. This is what most of the teams already do and this is the way that everyone should act. I guarantee that we will all know and appreciate which players/teams do follow this path. And we will all know who does not which cannot make winning the wrong way worth it. Thanks. 

Team Names:

  • Leagues are partially funded by local businesses that lend their name to our program. Any team desiring its own sponsor’s name will be charged $100 in addition to regular team fee. You can choose your own team name as long as it does not promote a business.

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