Winter leagues

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Commack Winter League Procedures:

  1. Dates are listed on league standings page & include any days off for holidays
  2. How Many Spots are left?: You can find that info by looking at the standings page for any league and see how many blank spots are listed.
  3. START TIME: The first 2 full teams that arrive at the gym play the 1st match of the night. If 2 teams are not ready to play by:
        Friday: 6:00 pm or 8:00 pm in the late session
        The 2 teams listed first on the schedule must start playing even if they are shorthanded. The winner of the 2nd game of the first match stays on and plays the game 1 work team. Follow this order throughout the night, 2 games played at one time. All warm-ups must be finished before that time and matches must start at 6:10 or 8:10.
  4. Teams will lose a point per minute starting at 6:10 & 8:10. If the team is still not ready after the first game is counted off they forfeit the two scheduled games
  5. Games must start on time. Matches will run 40 minutes, ending exactly at 6:40, 7:20, or 8 pm for the first session and 8:40, 9:20 an 10 pm. The team with the lead at those times wins the game.
  6. Rosters/Eligibility for playoffs:
    • All teams must submit a roster before the first night of the league. Names will be added to the master roster for each league and posted online. Any changes during the season are made by sending in the updated roster to
    • All players must compete at least 3 weeks to be eligible for playoffs. This is a general rule which will be mostly applied to the very best players. We will not be doing attendance every week. If you have a player who will only meet the 3 night minimum and is very important to your playoff team be sure to point out that the player is competing on the 3 nights to the person running the league for EEVB so that there are not any problems at playoffs.
    • EEVB reserves the right to overrule this policy if it is for the best interest of the league. For instance, if a very good player is injured and out for the playoffs with 2 weeks left to play we may allow a new player to be added to the roster of equal level. Decisions like this will be made on an individual case basis.The goal of all our procedures is to insure the best play possible for every level league. We expect the captains to act as adults and not try to work around or “game” these procedures. We hope everyone agrees with this and does what is right concerning players on team rosters and their competing in the playoffs.
  7. Borrowing Players: (regular season only, no borrowing in playoffs)
    • Any team that starts play with 1 female will begin the game minus 3 pts per game; even if the missing female arrives during the game (she can still join in right away). The 3-points can be added anytime during a match if the score keeper forgets to add them at the beginning; even if that ends the game at the point they are added. The 3 point deficit is waived if the team plays with only 3 males and 1 female.
    • If a team is short players they may borrow up to 2 players from any other team in either session of the league on that night only. Teams borrowing players will start the game down 3 points.
  8. Note about rosters and subs for the playoffs: The goal of the leagues is to foster good, honorable competition on the volleyball court with every team following the spirit of fair competition. Players/teams should strive to reach their highest level of competition in a fair sportsmanlike manner. Winning is important but it should be far from the ultimate goal. This is not the Pros and the prizes are not really worth that much. Even bragging rights, while fun, are not worth winning at all costs.Too often it seems like we have minor problems with subs and rosters at the playoffs. We could run attendance on every team every night, give every player an ID card which you need to scan every week (tough luck if you forget to bring it). Or maybe have each team send in a picture of their entire team each week just to make sure that all players have competed at least 3 times during the season before the playoffs. And if someone is not on the roster but played all season they would be disqualified from the playoffs for a bureaucratic oversight.The real goal is just to have fair and fun competition. EEVB has followed the same general approach over the years of good sportsmanship and competition and that no one tries to game the system, which is mostly what has happened over the past 38 years. We expect teams to be looking to win in a fair and honorable manner. I expect every team to submit their rosters on time. That teams will not “sneak” in a player, especially a ringer, for the playoffs. That teams with a legitimate problem such as a late season injury will contact us about adding a new player of equal or lower skill level to their roster. That all teams will follow a path of good sportsmanship as they strive to reach their best performance. This is what most of the teams already do and this is the way that everyone should act.I guarantee that we will all know and appreciate which players/teams do follow this path. And we will all know who does not which cannot make winning the wrong way worth it.Thanks.

Directions: 74 Hauppague Rd, Commack NY 11725. Use the front entrance. All players will need to check in with security desk before entering. Rosters must be completed on AVP America to insure players are on the list.

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